Tigara is an uninhabited world or rock and ice only slightly smaller than the Earth. It is the fourth planet in its solar system and lies further from its sun than the Earth does from ours, giving it an arctic climate all year round. Tigara has no valuable mineral deposits or other resources and has largely been ignored by most spacefaring civilisations. However, the proximity of its solar system to the homeworlds of several members of the Galactic Federation has meant that it is positioned within Federation space. The nearest star is Fomalhaut, within whose system is the planet Veltroch, and so Tigara is nominally within the sphere of influence of the Veltrochni.

At the start of the Federation-Orion War, the Galactic Federation established Research Station Theta-9 on Tigara, thinking its obscurity would provide it with more protection than that of other planets which could come under direct attack from the androids. The Research Station’s mission was to develop weapons which could be used against the androids. It was crewed by humans and Veltrochni, with a squad of Ice Warriors providing military protection.

Daytime temperatures in the region of the Research Station vary between -5° and -20° Centigrade, while at night they drop to between -20° and -30° C. During periods of bad weather, the temperatures will drop even further. Use the table on page 55 of the GM’s Guide, 11th Doctor Edition (or page 50 of the original edition) for the effects of these temperatures on anybody caught outside without adequate protection.

The rotation of Tigara and the Research Station’s latitude means that the days are approximately 20 hours long, currently split between 8 hours of daylight and 12 hours of night.


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