Vorgosh is a highly populated planet that has sprawling urbanism that covers almost 70 percent of the planet. Cities are built over many of the oceans and almost all of the landmasses that the planet has. The only areas that are not urbanized are swaths of the ocean and of farm land that has been maximized to provide the needed food and water for the increasingly dense population. Fortunately, the Vorgush have very good scientific farming and water reclamation techniques. However, their balance between available resources and the population is very fragile, and a loss of either can throw the planet into a very dangerous situation.

The population on Vargosh is very technologically savvy, and technology and social networking platforms are a large part of the people’s culture and way of life. News, special events, and other items of note are transmitted quickly through the technological information superhighways and people often know immediately about the events that are happening around them on the planet. This is a bit concerting as often many people know what is happening around them very quickly. Interestingly, this has reduced crime because of the very quick response of these systems to gather and post information. It does however also spread rumors and speculation very quickly as well.

Despite its large population, Vorgosh is a rather pollution free planet with clean air and an urban landscape that feels modern and fresh. Electric cars dominate the roadways which make very little noise. Single color outfits, without patterns or stripes, dominate fashion. People generally exercise regularly, and also take the time to read and educate themselves. The culture in general is very accepting and open.


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