The Fifth Moon of Asterix


The Fifth Moon of the planet Asterix is an interesting location in the universe. The planet Asterix is the third of seven planets that orbits the star named Polorius. All seven of the planets are gas giants that failed to form into stars in their own right. As such, none of the planes themselves are habitable. Each of the planets has a large number of moons due to the large gravitational pull that each exerts. The third planet in the system is the Jupiter‐like
gas giant Asterix, which itself has thirteen moons. None of these moons, bar one is habitable. However, the fifth moon on the planet can support life and as such is occasionally visited by passing space travelers who then discover the unique properties of the moon.

When the Fifth Moon of Asterix was first formed its molten core of rare earth metals were twisted and turned by the heavy gravitational forces of the other giant planets in the system. As a result, these metals formed large veins that reach throughout the moon and formed spires of metal that reach from deep within the planet and pierce the surface in twisted spirals that stick out of the surface of the planet, creating a unique landscape. These metal spires of rare earth metals create a unique electrical field on the surface of the moon. The result is that there is a very strong magnetic field that dampens virtually all electronic and electrical devices on the moon’s surface.

Because of this magnetic field effect, there are a number of disabled spaceships on the surface of the rather desolate sand strewn and rocky planet. In general the planet seems desert‐like, though there are sometimes clouds and it does rain on the planet (allowing the inhabitants of stranded ships to gather water for survival). Those smart enough to follow the various spontaneous creeks and rivers that are formed by the sudden rainfall are
sometimes able to track the water’s path to various underground caverns that can be found under the surface of the moon.

Under the surface of the planet can be found lush green plant‐filled caverns. Illumination is provided by arcing electricity generated by the rare earth metals under the ground as they are charged by the solar radiation above the surface. This electrical discharge provides enough steady light to illuminate the underground caverns and is generally safe unless one is directly in the electrical arc. This arcing also ionizes the air and provides fresh breathable air underground. Thus there is plenty of water and food in this almost paradisiacal hidden world. There are hundreds of these caverns located underneath the surface of the planet

The Fifth Moon of Asterix

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