Stones of Perpetual Clarity


Stones of Perpetual Clarity is the seventh planet in the Comeezon System. All of the planets that orbit the star Comeezon are gas giants, and Stones of Perpetual Clarity is no exception. What is interesting about this planet is that the surface of the planet (near the core) is covered in a sea of liquid nitrogen. Anyone placing their hand in it would have the appendage immediately freeze off (and if struck it would shatter). So there is extreme danger.

But interestingly, one can breath in a layer of nitrogen, hydrogen and oxygen that is trapped between the sea of liquid nitrogen and the heavy clouds of Nitrogen gas that hang in the upper atmosphere. Enough light comes from the nearby star, that this habitable layer between the sea and the clouds goes through a light and dark cycle every 40 hours (20 hours of light, and 20 of dark). Also there are a number of plants and animals, such as moss and lichens, birds and rats and so on, that happily live in this strata of the planet’s biosphere.

Most interesting is that there s a series of connected stone islands that rise out of the liquid nitrogen sea. Two large ancient castles dominate this area, as well as empty towns in which homes are built out of rock. Perpetual torches of flame burn in the homes and the walk ways. The torches seem to effervesce a steady flame through some unknown means that burns pure oxygen. As such, the Stones of Perpetual Clarity are dark and shadowy. However, how these structures were formed, or who once made them is lost to the ages.

Stones of Perpetual Clarity

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