Hoa Binh Dat


Hoa Binh Dat is a peaceful planet that is almost idyllic in its harmonic balance between nature and human culture. Influenced by Eastern style of buildings, sustainability of nature and the environment is key within the primary cultures of the planet. Many buildings are built around trees or other large living plants. The idea is to provide modern dwellings and amenities while not ignoring the look, feel, and advantages of nature.

Hoa Bihn Dat is a very modern planet, with human space settlers dominating the planet, but alien and extraterrestrial visitors common on the planet. Technology is often integrated into the plant life on the planet. Computers are made with wooden frames around the screens, and most electronics use environmentally friendly materials that will not harm the environment when they are outmoded.

The feel of Hoa Binh Dat is very calm. There is very little noise, and people act in a reserved and quiet manner. Once can hear water running in streams and the chirping of birds. Most conversations are made in low tones and there are very few loud arguments or encounters. Off world travel is limited to a single space port on the planet, which is isolated by mountains reducing noise levels.

Hoa Binh Dat has become something of a spa planet. Travelers visit to recover their mental and spiritual health. There are numerous health spas and monasteries on the planet and everyone generally gets along. Two top notch hospitals also add to the culture of personal recovery.

Hoa Binh Dat

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