Haverson's World


Haverson’s World is a planet that was settled by humans in the year 3004CE as mankind was expanding through the Milky Way galaxy towards its center. Discovered by Jorg Haverson, the planet was at first a planet which was valued for its rare mineral content. Many miners came to the planet to find fame and fortune. As the rocky planet was mined and the population boomed, large self‐contained arcologies (city buildings with their own
ecologies) were built to accommodate the growing population. The planet now has numerous of these large citybuildings. Each is its own voting district and seems to cater to different interests of the population.

By 3124CE, the city governments agreed to build a trans‐arcology transportation system. The Arcologies were connected by a magnetic rail lift train system. This connected rail system was built to hover in the air, so that mining of the rich mineral wealth of the planet could still happen underneath it. Each arcology was taxed its share for the build of the rail system. The rail system itself was eventually expanded and became an arcology of its own. Though still serving the transportation needs of the planet, some settlers decided to work in the transportation field settled in the “rail” ecology and in turn the rail system itself has gained solid political clout and a growing population.

Generally, the people of Haverson’s World get along, but there are occasional political arguments over wealth and control.

Haverson's World

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