The Maker: Adventures in Time and Space

The Trial of The Maker

Arrested by the Judoon for the crimes of her previous incarnations, The Maker finds herself brought before The Shadow Proclamation.

Some known charges being brought against The Maker are:

1) Stealing an ancient, cultural relic (the TARDIS) from the planet Gallifrey.

2) Stealing the Queen Savabeth of Andion from her glass bed and defiling her virtue.

3) Stealing the all-holy Sword of Truth from the planet Palador.

4) Seducing the Oracle of Sleonthos and stealing her charge – the Staff of Gron.

5) Stealing the original 42 ton sculpture “Equal Parallel” by Richard Sara from the Planet Earth.

During recess of the trial, the Maker slips into the Evidence locker to retrieve her Sonic Screwdriver and TARDIS, and escapes through time and space. She lands in sequence moments after each theft, replacing the items still aboard the TARDIS mere moments after The Maker took them, thus undoing the crime.

While this leaves her theft of Gallifrey and the Queen still undone, Morganna as the Maker’s counsel is able to argue that Gallifrey no longer exists and that the Queen chose to remain with The Maker when revived, and thus was not being held against her will.

With the remaining charges suddenly having no supporting evidence, the Maker is released and absolved of all charges.


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