The Maker: Adventures in Time and Space


The TARDIS materializes in the 51st century at last… but in the wrong place. The wrong place turns out to be a Judoon space ship the Retribution Upon Receipt of Correct Paperwork and it is currently being bombarded by the Perseid Meteor Shower, threatening the ship. The Maker is arrested and brought to the Captain. The Captain offers The Maker an opportunity to earn some credit towards their sentence by searching the ship for signs of infection of an epidemic that is plaguing the crew.

The Maker and Morgana investigate the vessel, discovering that all the communications relays have been smashed. The Maker repairs one and discovers 21st century earth telly and radio transmissions are bombarding the ship. The Maker searches the transmissions for a hidden signal, and finds one that attempts to infect her. She shuts it down quickly.

In the engine room of the ship, it is obvious the engines have been sabotaged. After repairing the engines, The Maker contacts the Judoon and informs them the repairs have been made. Despite this, the ship does not move. The Maker and Morgana return to the bridge to confront the Captain who makes excuses for not moving the ship, even after his helmsman reports the ship is capable.

It is revealed the Captain is infected with the electroform entity and is trying to destroy the ship to prevent it’s escape. The captain is relieved of command by the Judoon, but responds with an arc of electric attack. Morgana works with the bridge crew to move the ship out of the meteor storm while The Maker creates a powerful Electro Magnet that pulls the Electroform out of the Captain. Trapped in the electro magnet, the maker expels the Electroform out the airlock.

After, the Judoon assure The Maker her actions will be entered into evidence to help her case, but they are still bound to execute the warrant against her. They set course for The Shadow Proclamation.


DanteInferno DanteInferno

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