The Maker: Adventures in Time and Space

Cat's Eye

Returning to her old stomping grounds, The Maker finds a mysterious ailment has afflicted the homeless people of the dilapidated Majestic Hotel. What’s more the cats have gone all funny. Eventually a collective mind that calls itself The Poc Unity speaks through it’s victims stating that all will join or die. After The Maker speaks with it, it is willing to let everyone leave but will not relinquish it’s control. When The Maker does not accept that, it’s controlled victims turn violent. The group runs outside where the possessed collective does not follow.

Surmising the rain outside is what the collective fears, Morgana and The Maker use some high powered water sprayers The Maker puts together to drench every human and feline inhabitant in the Majestic Hotel. The situation in hand, they leave in the TARDIS for the 51st Century, and The Maker shares some of her backstory.


DanteInferno DanteInferno

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