The Maker: Adventures in Time and Space


The Maker and Morgana arrive on 21st Century Earth near the small coastal town of Arrowdown. It’s quickly apparent something is wrong here; overly-friendly donkeys, seagulls suspended in mid-air, no people in sight, and strange ships in the harbor are just some of the bizarre goings on.

As they cross a local fun-fair, they are attacked by the figures from the ghost train, who prove to be made of solid plastic. They escape to a local inn and find the only living person they’ve seen, the innkeeper, at least until an alarm sounds and the town suddenly seems full and alive with people again. Even this is out of place as the people seem to be from different times.

Soon, the ghost train figures attack the town, shooting them down with blasters in their palms. Another alarm sounds and everything disappears again and resets.

As it turns out, the innkeeper is a retired torchwood operative who is monitoring a temporal rift. Additional prodding reveals a dark secret; she’s been using the rift manipulator in experiments to try to find a way to recover her dead husband.

The Maker and Morgana go off to confront the Autons. After destroying several with improvised sausage bombs, a half-human half-auton approaches, surprisingly it looks like the dead husband! It informs them that it’s master, the Nestene Consciousness, wishes to Parlay. He brings them down beneath the ghost train to damp cave where the Consciousness and it’s attendant Autons wait. Negotiations break down once it’s apparent the Consciousness isn’t concerned about any life but it’s own. The Maker collapses the cave, allowing the cold sea water to drown the consciousness.

The innkeeper and her husband reunited, the rift depleted and time restored, The Maker decides to return to her human home and confront her past,


DanteInferno DanteInferno

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