The Maker: Adventures in Time and Space

Death of the Astral Queen
Season Finale

A doomed alien cruise ship…
Two approaching enemy battle fleets…
A destroyed warp drive…
The secrets of time travel…
And only 1 hour left.

The Maker faces her biggest challenge yet.

Games of Chance
Next on The Maker: Adventures in Time and Space

The Maker is off to Las Vegas, 1961, the apex of the Rat Pack era for all the attractions that Sin City has to offer. Upon arrival learns from a local paper that someone named Peter Black has gone from washed up stage magician to becoming a virtual overnight sensation in Vegas, bumping Dean Martin off the schedule. Only problem is… who is Peter Black?

A visit to the Sands Casino and a run-in with Frank Sinatra and a party in his hotel room with the Rat Pack and some local mobsters leads the Maker to an alien woman who is sick from radiation poisoning. She reveals that she has used an experimental time travel device to escape from a doomed ship to Earth, but something went wrong and the device started leaking radiation. Peter Black found her and helped her but has been using the device to pull off his mind reading act and to help a burglar friend to rob hotel guests.

Martian Holiday

A relaxing vacation on Mars for The Maker, Morganna, Pearl, and Zenith is cut short when the Maker discovers something sinister dwelling beneath the CareLess Resort and Spa…

Planet of the Broken

The Maker and companions journey to the junkyard world of Deltron in 3014 to collect parts to repair the TARDIS. However, something is lurking in the piles of technological detritus…

…Something turns out to be a frightened robot trapped under some debris, who is terrified that The Maker is going to deactivate him, as she is “Flesh-Kind” and not to be trusted.

The Maker is able to convince the droid, called Multimeter Bot, that she means him no harm and frees him from the wreckage. She tries to question him about others of his kind, but he demures mentioning that it is “forbidden” to speak of.

At this point a huge combat bot blasts it’s way through the junk and accuses Multimeter Bot of working with “Flesh Kind” and telling them about “Sanctuary” and “The Golden Masters”

(more to come)

The Little Lizard

A visit to the Arrowdown Rift leads The Maker and Companions to finding a small reptilian baby that crashed in an escape pod from a ship destroyed by a Temporal Flare from the rift. This child is revealed to be more than he seems when three adult Terileptils claiming to be a rescue party arrive demanding the child be turned over to them…

The Chicago Way
Coming Soon

February, 1929 Chicago is a battleground between Al Capone’s Italian Mafia and Bugs Moran’s Irish Mob, a battleground that is scheduled to turn bloody in a matter of days… but a new crime family is in town, one that threatens to change the course of history forever.

Medicine Man
Writing in progress

Upon landing, it’s soon discovered that the TARDIS has landed in an alley in an Old West Boom Town, taking the form of a coal bin. Investigation shows it to be a warm evening in the foothills of some mountains, sometime in the 19th century. They are in an alley between a general store and the Gold Nugget Saloon.

The Maker is quite excited about visiting the Old West and a real Saloon, and goes to the TARDIS’ wardrobe room to select appropriate attire and attempt to unsuccessfully convince Morganna to dress like a Saloon Girl.

In the Gold Nugget Saloon, it becomes apparent this is a mining town, but the mine has been closed. Everyone says there’s no gold, yet strangely, no one has moved on yet. The Maker also meets an adventurous Saloon girl named Pearl before a drunken miner raves about there being gold in the mines and a “monster” that ate one of his friends. Everyone else seems to think he’s just had a bit too much to drink.

Through Pearl, The Maker learns that everyone in town drinks a concoction called “Doc Porter’s Cure-All Elixir”. She attests to it’s effectiveness; it even cured the town of a plague that had rolled in a few weeks ago, and now everyone is right as rain. It even cures hangovers! A scan of the bottle shows the Maker that while it’s mostly just an alcoholic cocktail, there’s also some strange ingredients which bolster the immune system… and make the imbiber susceptible to hypnosis. Sure enough, everyone is protective of their bottles and rush to buy more every time Doc Porter rolls into town.

As luck would have it, Doc Porter pulls into town and sets up his wagon. He barely begins his pitch before he’s swamped with customers. Once the crowd thins, the Maker questions him about his Elixir. Excited to have an audience and not just customers, Doc performs his whole sales routine. Eventually the Maker takes him aside to speak privately about his “special ingredients”. Doc Porter is confused, he admits his elixir is just a tasty alcohol cocktail and knows nothing of any “special ingredients”. The Maker believes he may be under hypnotic suggestion himself and works to try to break it’s hold on him. Doc is able to push through the hypnosis… but immediately breaks down and starts screaming in horror. Morganna examines him and determines he’s been badly traumatised, perhaps even tortured.

Determined to find out what’s going on at the mine, the Maker and Morganna, with Pearl in tow, set off across the countryside, only to be accosted by Comanches on horseback. Surprised The Maker can speak their language (thanks to the TARDIS, of course) they insist she return to their camp to help one of their braves who is sick with the “White Man’s Disease”.

At the camp a very sick brave is near the fire, and the tribe is doing it’s traditional medicine rituals. Pearl confirms that the man has the same plague that gripped the town. The Maker persuades Pearl to donate her bottle of Doc Porter’s Elixir, and is able to use her expertise in chemistry to separate the hypnosis drug from the concoction. This she gives to the brave then has the rest of the tribe take a sip, to innoculate them from the plague.

Having proven herself, the Tribe tells her that she will come hunt The Great Beast with them. They explain a great beast comes out of the mountain at night, but never crosses the river. It has already killed two of their tribe, but they are going to be prepared for it by digging a spiked pit trap and luring the creature into it.

Observing the mountain at night, the Maker sees a line of lights approaching the mine. The comanches explain that the townsfolk set out to the mountain every night and walk as if dazed.

The next day the tribe, The Maker, and companions set about digging and preparing the covered pit. When the beast appears, it is a 20’ long ceratosaurus! The Maker plays bait, riding on horseback just in front of it’s deadly snapping jaws, and with a great leap, jumps her horse over the pit. The Ceratosaurus, unable to stop, tumbles into the pit and is killed. The tribe celebrates.

The Maker decides that when the Townsfolk show up for their nightly trek that this would be an ideal time to follow them and see what’s happening at the mountain. The Maker stops short when she detects a high tech security system hidden inside the cave entrance. She’s able to temporarily disable it so it doesn’t detect the group’s passing.

Inside, there are signs of a recent cave-in, and there are round discs that apparently raise and lower into the depths of the cave, from which a red glow can be seen. Traveling down on the “lift”, it’s clear the cave-in collapsed in on a series of what appear to be stasis pods, crushing them and their contents. Hundreds or thousands were likely killed.

At the bottom, the townsfolk are busy clearing stones and rubble from a strange high-tech machine in the center of a series of catwalks and walkways over a pool of lava. Also present are three reptilian humanoids with sonic rifles – Silurians!

(more to come)

The Ghost of the TARDIS

The TARDIS is left adrift in space while The Maker performs some much needed repair work on the aging TTC. Having just completed some major repairs on the Architectural Configuration Circuit (thus allowing the crew to reliably navigate the inside of the TARDIS for the first time), when the TARDIS suddenly powers down. The console room goes dark and red emergency lights turn on. Scanners show that a large number of ships are lying dead and dark in space in this location, presumably all of them trapped and drained of power by whatever phenomenon is sapping the TARDIS.

The Maker and Morgana begin to explore the TARDIS to try to find the source of the power drain. In the halls, a ghostly grey woman in oddly familiar archaic looking clothes pleads in a hollow voice for help before vanishing.

Stumbling upon the library, The Maker finds a book open on a podium, where it repeats the words “Help Me” over and over on every page. Speaking to the ghost, she asks it to show her how to help. Books fly from the shelves and swirl around as in a big sphere. One book lands at The Maker’s feet: The TARDIS manual. The Ghostly woman repeats “I…I…I…”

Eventually, after discovering some of the more interesting rooms in the TARDIS, the central power room is located. Inside, it is exposed to the power source, the Eye of Harmony, a dying sun held in eternal stasis on the verge of becoming a black hole. It’s clear something outside the TARDIS is draining the power from the star.

The Maker surmises the ghost is actually a manifestation of The TARDIS (and remembers having seen her outfit in the same museum on Gallifrey that she stole the TARDIS from) and she wasn’t saying “I” but “Eye”. The Eye of Harmony. Working quickly to avoid over-exposure to the deadly radiation in the power chamber, The Maker redirects all the remaining reserve power directly into the Eye of Harmony in hopes of throwing the TARDIS clear of whatever is draining it, then throws everything left into the dematerialization circuit to escape. The plan works and the TTC is thrown at random through the vortex.

The ghost appears one last time, more solid and not so grey and says “I knew I had chosen well”

The Trial of The Maker

Arrested by the Judoon for the crimes of her previous incarnations, The Maker finds herself brought before The Shadow Proclamation.

Some known charges being brought against The Maker are:

1) Stealing an ancient, cultural relic (the TARDIS) from the planet Gallifrey.

2) Stealing the Queen Savabeth of Andion from her glass bed and defiling her virtue.

3) Stealing the all-holy Sword of Truth from the planet Palador.

4) Seducing the Oracle of Sleonthos and stealing her charge – the Staff of Gron.

5) Stealing the original 42 ton sculpture “Equal Parallel” by Richard Sara from the Planet Earth.

During recess of the trial, the Maker slips into the Evidence locker to retrieve her Sonic Screwdriver and TARDIS, and escapes through time and space. She lands in sequence moments after each theft, replacing the items still aboard the TARDIS mere moments after The Maker took them, thus undoing the crime.

While this leaves her theft of Gallifrey and the Queen still undone, Morganna as the Maker’s counsel is able to argue that Gallifrey no longer exists and that the Queen chose to remain with The Maker when revived, and thus was not being held against her will.

With the remaining charges suddenly having no supporting evidence, the Maker is released and absolved of all charges.


The TARDIS materializes in the 51st century at last… but in the wrong place. The wrong place turns out to be a Judoon space ship the Retribution Upon Receipt of Correct Paperwork and it is currently being bombarded by the Perseid Meteor Shower, threatening the ship. The Maker is arrested and brought to the Captain. The Captain offers The Maker an opportunity to earn some credit towards their sentence by searching the ship for signs of infection of an epidemic that is plaguing the crew.

The Maker and Morgana investigate the vessel, discovering that all the communications relays have been smashed. The Maker repairs one and discovers 21st century earth telly and radio transmissions are bombarding the ship. The Maker searches the transmissions for a hidden signal, and finds one that attempts to infect her. She shuts it down quickly.

In the engine room of the ship, it is obvious the engines have been sabotaged. After repairing the engines, The Maker contacts the Judoon and informs them the repairs have been made. Despite this, the ship does not move. The Maker and Morgana return to the bridge to confront the Captain who makes excuses for not moving the ship, even after his helmsman reports the ship is capable.

It is revealed the Captain is infected with the electroform entity and is trying to destroy the ship to prevent it’s escape. The captain is relieved of command by the Judoon, but responds with an arc of electric attack. Morgana works with the bridge crew to move the ship out of the meteor storm while The Maker creates a powerful Electro Magnet that pulls the Electroform out of the Captain. Trapped in the electro magnet, the maker expels the Electroform out the airlock.

After, the Judoon assure The Maker her actions will be entered into evidence to help her case, but they are still bound to execute the warrant against her. They set course for The Shadow Proclamation.


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