The Maker 1.0-1.5 (Deceased)

Time Lord


The Maker Version 1 & 1.5

Look: Nerd-Punk “Distinctive”

Gear/Robot/Tech Tattoos, Spiky Cherry RED Hair, Boxer Shorts, Combat Boots, Geek Tees, Vest, Cut-Off Cargo Pants


Tech Savant/Gadget Girl
Sucker For a Pretty Face
Understated Charm
Drinks Guinness & Loves Bawdy Drinking Songs
Avid Reader
Swiss Cheese Memory (of Original Maker)
Loves Salt Water Taffy
Sucker For New Forms of Intelligence

A homeless gadget and tech savant from East ‘Ackney discovered The Maker’s fob-watch, and on opening it, was forever changed. His memories, and Gallifreyan DNA melded as much as it could with her human brain creating a new being – and a new incarnation for The Maker. This nerdy, self-deprecating punk has gained confidence as she comes to understand her true capabilities and think her way through new and desperate challenges.

The glorious bastard that was The Maker has brought some challenges from the past that was lost in translation, and so she searches for who he might have pissed off in all of his womanizing and thievery.Meanwhile, she tries to leave every place better than she found it…

In the end, the Original Maker took over and tried to re-live his glory days, but he and Pyre merged in their final act of rescuing a ship carrying 100,000 souls and saving the symbol of hope of two enemies-become allies.

The Maker 1.0-1.5 (Deceased)

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