The Maker: Adventures in Time and Space

The Ghost of the TARDIS

The TARDIS is left adrift in space while The Maker performs some much needed repair work on the aging TTC. Having just completed some major repairs on the Architectural Configuration Circuit (thus allowing the crew to reliably navigate the inside of the TARDIS for the first time), when the TARDIS suddenly powers down. The console room goes dark and red emergency lights turn on. Scanners show that a large number of ships are lying dead and dark in space in this location, presumably all of them trapped and drained of power by whatever phenomenon is sapping the TARDIS.

The Maker and Morgana begin to explore the TARDIS to try to find the source of the power drain. In the halls, a ghostly grey woman in oddly familiar archaic looking clothes pleads in a hollow voice for help before vanishing.

Stumbling upon the library, The Maker finds a book open on a podium, where it repeats the words “Help Me” over and over on every page. Speaking to the ghost, she asks it to show her how to help. Books fly from the shelves and swirl around as in a big sphere. One book lands at The Maker’s feet: The TARDIS manual. The Ghostly woman repeats “I…I…I…”

Eventually, after discovering some of the more interesting rooms in the TARDIS, the central power room is located. Inside, it is exposed to the power source, the Eye of Harmony, a dying sun held in eternal stasis on the verge of becoming a black hole. It’s clear something outside the TARDIS is draining the power from the star.

The Maker surmises the ghost is actually a manifestation of The TARDIS (and remembers having seen her outfit in the same museum on Gallifrey that she stole the TARDIS from) and she wasn’t saying “I” but “Eye”. The Eye of Harmony. Working quickly to avoid over-exposure to the deadly radiation in the power chamber, The Maker redirects all the remaining reserve power directly into the Eye of Harmony in hopes of throwing the TARDIS clear of whatever is draining it, then throws everything left into the dematerialization circuit to escape. The plan works and the TTC is thrown at random through the vortex.

The ghost appears one last time, more solid and not so grey and says “I knew I had chosen well”


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