The Maker: Adventures in Time and Space

Planet of the Broken

The Maker and companions journey to the junkyard world of Deltron in 3014 to collect parts to repair the TARDIS. However, something is lurking in the piles of technological detritus…

…Something turns out to be a frightened robot trapped under some debris, who is terrified that The Maker is going to deactivate him, as she is “Flesh-Kind” and not to be trusted.

The Maker is able to convince the droid, called Multimeter Bot, that she means him no harm and frees him from the wreckage. She tries to question him about others of his kind, but he demures mentioning that it is “forbidden” to speak of.

At this point a huge combat bot blasts it’s way through the junk and accuses Multimeter Bot of working with “Flesh Kind” and telling them about “Sanctuary” and “The Golden Masters”

(more to come)


DanteInferno DanteInferno

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