The Maker: Adventures in Time and Space

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The Maker is off to Las Vegas, 1961, the apex of the Rat Pack era for all the attractions that Sin City has to offer. Upon arrival learns from a local paper that someone named Peter Black has gone from washed up stage magician to becoming a virtual overnight sensation in Vegas, bumping Dean Martin off the schedule. Only problem is… who is Peter Black?

A visit to the Sands Casino and a run-in with Frank Sinatra and a party in his hotel room with the Rat Pack and some local mobsters leads the Maker to an alien woman who is sick from radiation poisoning. She reveals that she has used an experimental time travel device to escape from a doomed ship to Earth, but something went wrong and the device started leaking radiation. Peter Black found her and helped her but has been using the device to pull off his mind reading act and to help a burglar friend to rob hotel guests.


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